Dagny Amelia // Three Months

Of course, Dagny is 3 days shy of 4 months old and I’m just now posting her 3 month update. Points for doing it at all before the next one? I say yes!

There were so many big, fun events during her third month. She finally decided to take her bottles on daycare day 1 after lots of training attempts, so that previous challenge is no longer, thank goodness. Every week and every month seems to get better and more fun than the last!

2016 03 23_Dagny 3 Months_blog

Age: Three Months

Weight: 13 pounds (approximately)

Height: 23 inches (approximately)

Sleep: Longest stretch of sleep was 10.5 hours during our visit to Grand Rapids, MI when she was 10.5 weeks old. I could NOT believe it when it happened, but then it kept happening!

Clothes: She’s still comfortable in 0-3 months clothes and they’ll be on her for at least another two weeks. She’s growing longer than she is wider so I think we’ll always be replacing those footy PJs, long sleeves, and leggings first!

Diapers: She’s loving the Rumparooz all day and we decided to switch her to a disposable at night for the longer sleep stretch. Her little legs are still pretty tiny so I didn’t want to squish another soaker into the cloth diapers yet. She also wore disposables all through our trip to MI/IL and we learned that little girl HATES to be wet in those, but does fine at night. Weird, but it works.

Firsts: So many big milestones! First flight where she rode first class in style because mama and daddy had enough airline miles. First time meeting her great-grandparents and her Aunt Katie and Uncles Matt and David! First (and only) baptism in Michigan where she wore the family christening gown. First day at daycare – longest she’d been away from me to date.  First time sleeping in her crib at night (right about 3 months)!

Personality: She is still so calm and sweet. She started to chat and coo so much and we just ate it all up! She’s become so much more alert and aware of her surroundings and wants to be part of the action most of the time. She’s still loving our image in the mirror when we walk by and watching the dogs run around. Her transition to daycare with basically zero issues leads me to believe she’s pretty darn adaptive too. Nobody cried, including me!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without our Avent Classic 4 oz. Bottles in Pink this month because they’re the bottle she ended up taking regularly! We tried many and eventually found this bottle worked best after using the Medela Calma bottle to “train” her to understand what a bottle does in the first place.

2016 03 23_Dagny 3 Months with dogs_blog

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