The 2014 Directive // October {Transition Like a Boss}

The last quarter of the year is finally here – my favorite time of year! Not only will 2 of the months be spent in Seattle, but we’re entering HOLIDAY SEASON and I can finally have my own home to decorate! Hooray!

The 2014 Directive TITLES

What is The 2014 Directive?

The 2014 Directive started on January 1st as a “modern new year’s resolution.” It’s an Instagram & blog link-up structured in a way to maximize success of your goals by setting them on a monthly basis. Whether you need to lose a couple pounds, organize your closet, or save a bit of cash, The 2014 Directive structure will get you there.

There are no strict guidelines for participating and you set your own goals. Whatever is relevant to your life each month!

{read more about The 2014 Directive here}

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How can I participate and link-up?

Visit The 2014 Directive details page for all the information you need to get started on the right foot. You can participate by linking up your blog post below and/or sharing your goal on Instagram (#the2014directive) with a smattering of photos throughout the month.

This month’s link-up will be open until October 31st, so add your October Directive post any time during the month.

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My October Directive

October is the first full month of fall and happens to be the kickoff month to the holiday season. This particular October also happens to be our moving month! Our movers come on Oct 9/10 and we don’t hit the road until 10/22, so there will be an overlap of complete simplicity – we’ll have nothing but what can fit in the 4Runner! Am I kind of a freak to be this excited?!

Anyway, October’s Directive is to Transition Like a Boss. LOL. I had to come up with something catchy.

My specific goals this month are:

> Take two days off work (Oct 9 and 10) to manage the movers and make sure all of my stuff is packed and loaded properly. We have stuff here at my parent’s house and a storage space full of furniture. Most of our items are packed and ready to go and I’ve taken inventory of what’s out there. I’ve corralled everything into “zones” and hope my prep makes the pack/load go faster than expected so I can get some free time on my days off too!

> Enjoy every moment I don’t have all my “stuff.” For over two weeks, I’ll have nothing but what can fit in and above our car for the cross-country road trip. I’m so excited for this simple state of being. It’s what I’ve striven for all year and I’m so, so close to reaching the point of not being tied to my things. Our next point of review of our stuff is while unpacking. I’m certain we’ll be getting rid of lots more!

> Limit the goodbye tears. Ha! This one might be tough. Our families will be in Washington D.C. with us before we hit the road. We’ll see my parents again in Chicago when we get there, but we’ll be saying “see you later” to both Nate’s family and my grandparents who live in Virginia. It’s going to be rough to say that round of goodbyes when it’s been so easy to see them the last few years. This is one of the tougher aspects of moving so far away. Time to get acclimated to Skype and FaceTime!

> Have the best damn cross-country road trip possible!! I don’t know that we’ll ever make this kind of trip ever again, so we’re gearing up for a great and memorable time before we arrive in our new home on October 27th. Kate is really excited to show Trudy the giant buffalo in Jamestown, ND by the way…something she got to see during our road trip to Helena, MT in 2011!

I’m super excited to read all about your goals! Make sure to link-up below any time this month.

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Past Directive Progress Reports

September 2014 (the link-up) ~ Prep for Seattle

Good news! We secured an apartment, albeit one I didn’t actually view. I saw the sister property in the same city and fell in love. We’ll be living in Issaquah as of 10/27! The commute is reported to be better from the east side of Seattle vs. others and we wanted more space for a reasonable budget to start off. It’s only a 10 month lease so we’ll be able to spend that time figuring out what will work best for us long term. I’m still working on the moving binder but a lot of goodness is clipped in after this past month. Last, I’ll be researching WA over the next few weeks to print some details and identify what we need to do when we get there. Our first date night is to Elliot’s on the water…that we know for sure!

August 2014 (the link-up) ~ Puppy Love

I definitely achieved a satisfactory level of puppy love in August. Lots and lots of snuggles but also many frustrations. These girls are totally missing their daddy and their mama is so busy all day that I just know they’re bored. They didn’t get nearly enough walks as I had planned and I admit I didn’t stay out for 10 minutes each time we went to the backyard. I did finish Breaking Bad with my girls by my side, so that was a win. Ha!

July 2014 (the link-up) ~ Hit the Barre

Boo July! Total fail. I hit the Barre only 3 out of 12 times. I’m super disappointed in myself and really frustrated at my inability to see this particular goal through. I was excited for it for so long! Pure Barre was an AWESOME workout each time I went and I’m hooked, but the whole get up, leave the house, go workout, come home and try to work more after didn’t work out too well. I need to figure out some kind of routine to get myself in the habit. I think I’ll eventually try the Pure Barre home DVDs and equipment. I’m definitely losing momentum this summer with all my Directives but hope August changes that.

June 2014 (the link-up) ~ Relax

I’ve made it through the May OUAT block since June but I’m still behind on June and July. Looks like I’m coming up close on being behind August too. I’ve not even picked up Storm of Swords since June so definitely no reading in the cards lately. I’ve sold a couple of my half page planners in the Etsy shop so that’s exciting!

May 2014 (the link-up) ~ Detoxify

I’m still down 15 pounds with continued sugar reduction through July. I’m feeling great and am super happy with my decision to limit sugar. I could do better though – definitely less restrictive than in May.

I haven’t really stuck with my digital detox quite like the month of May, but things are going well as far as detaching myself from social media. I really don’t feel tied to anything (except Instagram). I’m always up for more ways to simplify my digital life so I’m keeping my eyes and ears open!

April 2014 (the link-up) ~ Focus on Food

I’m still focusing on food especially with the sugar detox. I now have only myself to feed so meal planning is much easier. I haven’t used the meal plan binder as much since my grocery list is about 10 items strong but if I find more time to experiment with recipes I’ll get back to planning. Otherwise, I’ll probably pick this up again in November when we move!

March 2014 (the link-up) ~ Take Care of Myself

8 hours of sleep is my number one priority and with the dogs, it’s near impossible. Kate loves waking up at 5am when she starts hearing the birds chirp, then we try to get back to sleep until at least 6:30am. That’s tough! As far as going to sleep, it’s hard for me to be in bed before 11pm but we’re trying to hit 8:30pm which is when the dogs wind down (sleep when they sleep, they say!!) Other than that, still just trying to keep up good habits to feel good overall.

February 2014 (the link-up) ~ Organize & Purge my Closet

I got my first StitchFix (referral link) in March and kept all 5 items. I got my second StitchFix in June and due to the weight loss, only one item worked out. I should have been more liberal with my size changes as I LOVED the items I was sent and wanted to keep it all again…so sad! I recently got my third fix and kept all 5 items again! HOORAY!

January 2014 (the link-up) ~ Complete a “No Spend” Month

We’ve really done well since the January no spend month and have knocked out over half of Nate’s student loan. It’s pretty awesome!

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Notes for Next Month

November’s Directive with progress reporting for January-October will be live on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. This date is listed in the (free to download) Participant Planner so you won’t forget and if you join the Google+ Community, you’ll get a reminder there as well!

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