The 2014 Directive // July {Hit the Barre}

2014 is nearly halfway done!! Can y’all believe it? I feel like each day goes quicker than the last.

Sadly, the month of June has been no less busy than May and I’m appalled at the blatant neglect of this blog. I’ve been writing process for my day job like…it’s my job…and the last thing I want to do when I shut down the computer is write more! Not to mention, it’s about 7:30-8pm before I actually shut down, and some days it’s longer. Here’s hoping my schedule shifts back to normal soon!

Despite the crazy schedule, I haven’t disappeared entirely and if you follow on Instagram, you already know this. I’m also more than ready for my July Directive and hope you are too!

July 2014 Directive

What is The 2014 Directive?

The 2014 Directive started on January 1st as a “modern new year’s resolution.” It’s an Instagram & blog link-up structured in a way to maximize success of your goals by setting them on a monthly basis. Whether you need to lose a couple pounds, organize your closet, or save a bit of cash, The 2014 Directive structure will get you there.

There are no strict guidelines for participating and you set your own goals. Whatever is relevant to your life each month!

{read more about The 2014 Directive here}

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How can I participate and link-up?

Visit The 2014 Directive details page for all the information you need to get started on the right foot. You can participate by linking up your blog post below and/or sharing your goal on Instagram (#the2014directive) with a smattering of photos throughout the month.

This month’s link-up will be open until July 31st, so add your July Directive post any time during the month.

Have you joined our Google+ Community? It’s a place to share your Directive, offer support, come up with and share new ideas, and make new friends! As soon as you link-up a blog post or tag (@kateandtrudy & #the2014directive) at least one photo explaining your Directive on the Instagram feed, you’ll be accepted into the super fun and supportive Google+ Community. Request to join once you’ve met these requirements and start getting and giving support on your goals!

I’m accepting co-hosts for The 2014 Directive! If you’d like to co-host a future month, please use the Contact form and select “Interested in Co-Hosting The 2014 Directive” as your subject of inquiry.

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My July Directive

July is right around the corner and I plan to hit the Barre. Pure Barre, that is!! I have been so inspired by Hannah who (back in March) hit her 100th class! I follow her on Instagram and am always motivated when I see her posts about the classes, so I’m really excited about this Directive.

I purchased a Groupon for a month-long membership at our local Pure Barre and it expires at the end of the summer, so I’ll use it in July. I’ll redeem it on Monday, July 7th since I know I won’t be attending class during the holiday weekend (when Nate comes home for the first time to visit!!).

With 24 days between July 7 and 31, my goal is to attend at least 12 classes (50%). My ideal class timing would be right after the dogs eat breakfast, so around 7:30am…that way I’m done before the day’s crazy begins! A lunch time class is also an option on select days, but since I work from home, the later I wait, the more likely it is I’ll skip that day.

I’m really excited about the weight loss I’ve experienced as a result of giving up sugar and hope to tie off the healthy eating with a good solid workout routine. I hope I love Pure Barre enough to become a member until we move!

Has anyone done Pure Barre and absolutely loved it? Recommendations for success??!

I’m super excited to read all about your goals! Make sure to link-up below any time this month and join the Google+ Community!

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Past Directive Progress Reports

June 2014 (the link-up) ~ Relax

Believe it or not, I did find some time to keep up with my June Directive this month, but by no means would I call it a success. I’m still barely halfway through Storm of Swords, so my goal to read two chapters a day completely fell out the window. I did finish April’s block by June 8th…on June 1st. That’s about as motivated as I got on this! I’m about halfway through May and should finish by the end of the month, so that leaves June still for completion next month. I guess two of three ain’t bad! Finally, I created my monthly and weekly planners the weekend of June 15th but still have some formatting and finishing touches to add. I have to print everything out, photograph, and list the items in my Etsy shop. When all’s said and done, I’ll be a week late on that goal, but at least they’ll be in the shop by June 30th – the first date on the weekly planners!

May 2014 (the link-up) ~ Detoxify

I’m 15 pounds down with continued sugar detoxing through June. I’m feeling great and am super happy with my decision to limit sugar. I eat a little bit here or there but I’m not buying bags of Haribo Raspberries anymore and eating in one sitting…lol!

I haven’t really stuck with my digital detox quite like the month of May, but things are going well as far as detaching myself from social media. I really don’t feel tied to anything (except Instagram). I’m always up for more ways to simplify my digital life so I’m keeping my eyes and ears open!

April 2014 (the link-up) ~ Focus on Food

I’m still focusing on food especially with the sugar detox. I now have only myself to feed so meal planning is much easier. I haven’t used the meal plan binder as much since my grocery list is about 10 items strong but if I find more time to experiment with recipes I’ll get back to planning. Otherwise, I’ll probably pick this up again in November when we move!

March 2014 (the link-up) ~ Take Care of Myself

8 hours of sleep is my number one priority and with the dogs, it’s near impossible. Kate loves waking up at 5am when she starts hearing the birds chirp, then we try to get back to sleep until at least 6:30am. That’s tough! As far as going to sleep, it’s hard for me to be in bed before 11pm but we’re trying to hit 8:30pm which is when the dogs wind down (sleep when they sleep, they say!!) Other than that, still just trying to keep up good habits to feel good overall.

February 2014 (the link-up) ~ Organize & Purge my Closet

I got my first StitchFix (referral link) in March and kept all 5 items. I got my second StitchFix recently and due to the weight loss, only one item worked out. I should have been more liberal with my size changes as I LOVED the items I was sent and wanted to keep it all again…so sad! I’m signed up again for July for sure.

January 2014 (the link-up) ~ Complete a “No Spend” Month

The month of June has basically been another “no spend” month but May was horrible, so it all evens out, I guess. The good news is Nate is finally getting a paycheck so more cash is headed towards the student loan. Chippin’ away at it one paycheck at a time. Ha!

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Notes for Next Month

August’s Directive with progress reporting for January-July will be live on Wednesday, July 30, 2014. This date is listed in the (free to download) Participant Planner so you won’t forget and if you join the Google+ Community, you’ll get a reminder there as well!

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