Digital Detox // A Smartphone Obsession

Have you ever decided to buy a new car only to see that car everywhere on the street like never before?

The same thing is happening to me with my digital detox. Since I deleted Facebook from my iPhone, I’ve been checking on the computer every couple hours and have been reading more articles I see from places like Upworthy or Elite Daily. I’ve found some incredibly good reads about social media and smartphone obsession. It seems I’m not the only one with this problem (of course!).

I wanted to share this video with you because it made me sad. Sad to see that so much of the growing generation is wound so tightly to their phones it’s difficult to have even the simplest of conversations with one another, not to mention the missed opportunities.

Problem is, I get it, but I’m thankful I’m “old” and didn’t grow up with an iPad to teach me the A-B-Cs. I look at this video and realize that our world can’t sustain the lifestyle we’ve created.

I remember my first cell phone. I got it the summer I turned 16 because I was gallivanting around in my new car and convinced my dad that I needed one to stay connected if I ever got lost or in an accident. Funny thing is, I barely used it (not even when I hit the light pole in my friend’s front yard – his mom called my dad from their land line).

I didn’t get an iPhone until 2009. I used my BlackBerry for work/personal until I decided to get a new number for personal calls. Nate didn’t get an iPhone until 2010 when we added him to my plan. We didn’t get an iPad until 2012. We didn’t really need it at the time, but we were going to a remote island and I didn’t want to bring a computer for my camera RAW files (huge photo files from a DSLR). I wanted to back them up to my iPad and wouldn’t you know…I never did that because my cards held everything I captured and I didn’t get nervous the photos would be lost. What an excuse to buy an iPad (something incredibly redundant to the iPhone).

Digital obsession has grown faster since my first iPhone in 2009 than anything in the years prior. Is it the connectivity factor? Something in the screen that puts us in a trance we can’t break?

By the time our future children are on this Earth and growing year upon year, I can only hope and pray that we’ve moved past this digital obsession and flashcards and playgrounds become “cool” again. They’ll be cool in my house, at least.

Have you ever done a “digital detox?” What’d you think when it was over…or is it indefinite?

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