The 2014 Directive // June {Relax}

How can another Directive already be here? I blinked and it’s almost June!

If you caught my last post, you know it’s been a crazy month over here, so I suppose I have my answer already written.


What is The 2014 Directive?

The 2014 Directive started on January 1st as a “modern new year’s resolution.” It’s an Instagram & blog link-up structured in a way to maximize success of your goals by setting them on a monthly basis. Whether you need to lose a couple pounds, organize your closet, or save a bit of cash, The 2014 Directive structure will get you there.

There are no strict guidelines for participating and you set your own goals. Whatever is relevant to your life each month!

{read more about The 2014 Directive here}

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How can I participate and link-up?

Visit The 2014 Directive details page for all the information you need to get started on the right foot. You can participate by linking up your blog post below and/or sharing your goal on Instagram (#the2014directive) with a smattering of photos throughout the month.

This month’s link-up will be open until June 30th, so add your June Directive post any time during the month.

Have you joined our Google+ Community? It’s a place to share your Directive, offer support, come up with and share new ideas, and make new friends! As soon as you link-up a blog post or tag (@kateandtrudy & #the2014directive) at least one photo explaining your Directive on the Instagram feed, you’ll be accepted into the super fun and supportive Google+ Community. Request to join once you’ve met these requirements and start getting and giving support on your goals!

I’m accepting co-hosts for The 2014 Directive! If you’d like to co-host a future month, please use the Contact form and select “Interested in Co-Hosting The 2014 Directive” as your subject of inquiry.

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My June Directive

It took me a long time to figure out what I want to do for my June Directive, but I’m excited with my decision.

My June Directive is to relax. May was so absolutely crazy and productive that I want a month to just chill out and enjoy summer.

This month I’ll:

> Read. I want to finish A Storm of Swords and I have about 50 chapters left. If I read two chapters a day, I’ll be able to finish with time to spare!

> Cross Stitch. I’m behind on my Once Upon a Time sampler, so I need to catch up. I’ll finish April’s block by June 8th, May’s block by June 20th, and June’s block by June 30th.

> Create. It’s almost time to launch the next wave of planners in my Etsy shop and since we’re nearly halfway through 2014, I’m planning to launch an 18-month version. Designing the items for my shop is rather therapeutic so I’m including this in for the month. I’ll finish the draft design by June 15 and have the new items in my Etsy shop by June 22.

I’m super excited to read all about your goals! Make sure to link-up below any time this month and join the Google+ Community!

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Past Directive Progress Reports

May 2014 (the link-up) ~ Detoxify

Detoxify, I did! The sugar detox has gone so well. I’ve almost lost a full 10 pounds and feel no more obsession towards sugar. It’s such a great feeling and I’ve seen so many other benefits to this detox too (clearer skin, flatter tummy, greater focus, etc.).

The digital detox has also gone well, mostly because I haven’t had any time in May to think about social media! Deleting the apps from my phone was an awesome decision and I haven’t really missed anything. I plan to keep them off going forward. I wasn’t religious about putting my phone away by 8:30pm because all I really had was Instagram on it! I forgot to track my daily “digital free” activities but for the most part, I think I stuck to this about 50-60% of the month. I was just so busy with work, I barely had time to eat, let alone read a book. The biggest factor to feeling successful on this digital detox was deleting apps from my phone. Hands down!

April 2014 (the link-up) ~ Focus on Food

I really loved my April Directive as it gave me a chance to get organized with meal planning which allowed us to save money and opened my eyes to the desire to give up sugar. So much goodness! The first step was creating the meal plan binder and I love the printable set I purchased here on Etsy. The next step was to review and downsize our cookbooks. We found we actually couldn’t get rid of much as most of our cookbooks are healthy foods and/or super comprehensive and awesome. We were able to downsize enough to fit the books into a small moving box which was the main goal. I also created our recipe workflow for adding the recipes to our binder. We obviously don’t want to add recipes we don’t like or have never tried, so if we try it and love it, we’ll add it to the binder for easy access later.

March 2014 (the link-up) ~ Take Care of Myself

I’m still working on the awesome beauty habits I set in March and have kept up with drinking 60-75 oz. of water per day pretty well. I need to get better at taking the multi-vitamin consistently. Sleeping 8ish hours a night is high on my list of priorities and according to my FitBit, I’m averaging about exactly that!

February 2014 (the link-up) ~ Organize & Purge my Closet

I got my first StitchFix (referral link) in March and kept all 5 items. I set up another fix for June and I’m super excited! I did get rid of some other things in my closet to make way for my new StitchFix items, so hopefully I can keep the in/out trend going. I still have to add my clothes/outfits to the StyleBook app.

January 2014 (the link-up) ~ Complete a “No Spend” Month

Last month we paid off our Toyota 4Runner and make a dent in Hubby’s student loan. We closed our savings accounts (all but an emergency fund amount) and paid it all towards these loans. We literally paid off 50% of our total loans by doing this and I never in a million years thought getting rid of so much money would feel so good! We’re on track to paying the remaining 50% by my 30th birthday on March 31, 2015. I’m positive we’d have never decided to do this if not for lessons learned in January. That’s what I love most about setting monthly goals. They may be for a month, but the lessons learned or habits created are for as long as you want.

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Notes for Next Month

July’s Directive with progress reporting for January-June will be live on Wednesday, June 25, 2014. This date is listed in the (free to download) Participant Planner so you won’t forget and if you join the Google+ Community, you’ll get a reminder there as well!

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