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Let’s talk about DVDs for a bit today. They’re quickly becoming the VHS of our generation, right? We’re able to own them for cheap and players are still readily available. However, it’ll be no time before BluRay is king and something new comes out. Not to mention Redbox, Netflix & Hulu Plus.

DVDs are still important though (at least for now) and for us, some of our absolute favorite movies are owned on DVD. The problem, however, becomes managing our DVD collection when we’re striving to simplify and downsize. It doesn’t feel like an option to get rid of our DVDs since we never know when we (I) might want to watch Sweet Home Alabama, among others.

Our solution was to get rid of the cases. The cases represent probably 90% of a DVD’s overall weight and when you’re dealing with 100+ DVDs, that is a lot. We have about 125 DVD movies plus a variety of BluRays and TV series on DVD. We chose to focus on the 125 DVD movies for our downsize efforts as our TV series cases are kinda awesome (Alias anyone?) and BluRay cases are rather small.

20140403 DVD Collection - Title

Let’s first talk about the process we followed, then I’ll tell you how I might have done this differently!

First, we purchased the binder which happened to be two separate binders in one with a handle and a shoulder strap. We found it at Walmart for $15. We also purchased a set of sleeves that holds 200 discs, also at Walmart, for another $15. We’re calling this the “GreenBox.” Ha!

DVD Collection |

Next, we separated the DVDs into what Husband prefers and what I prefer. That’s the simple version of how we divided up the DVDs. I’m certain we could have made more sense of it but we just wanted this to be done so we could get rid of the cases. Ha!

We then emptied each case and placed the discs into the sleeves. It took all of 30 minutes.

DVD Collection |

DVD Collection |

It ended up looking like this:

DVD Collection |

So much more condensed and the weight difference was just insane!

The final step included adding all the DVDs into an iTunes app ($5.99) called “My Movies for iPhone.” I’m sure there’s a comparable Android app, but I don’t have access to check. This app freaking does it ALL. The only thing you need to do is scan the barcode on the back of your DVD case before tossing that baby out and your movie is added to your digital collection. It’s beyond easy. No brainer, really! Of course, it doesn’t actually play the movie, but hopefully that’s obvious.

DVD Collection |

DVD Collection |

Once you add and sort your movies, you’ll never miss the cases…ever. Hooray!!!

Now, the one thing we would have done differently in the above process is actually add the movies to our digital collection FIRST. I’d have preferred to sort the DVDs in alphabetical order which would have been made incredibly easy with the app. Another option is to sort by genre, which the app ALSO does. I should mention I’m not promoting this app for compensation in this post…I just think it’s awesome and I’m so grateful for getting rid of so much bulk from our media collection.

Today I challenge you to downsize your DVD collection! Set a realistic goal to downsize your space for DVDs and leave a comment that you’re ready to reclaim your space!

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