We can all agree that time is a precious commodity. For parents who work full-time like my husband and me, it’s even more important. We both love our “day job,” our personal hobbies, our two sweet fur babies, and, especially, our sweet daughter & brand new son. We want to spend our time doing what matters most.


Our quest towards simplifying our lives didn’t start yesterday. We’ve gradually built up to a life filled with less distractions and more connections. Less uncertainty and more roots. Less meaningless possessions and more meaningful moments. The arrow always points to one thing: living a life with less “clutter” of all sorts. The true cost of ownership of every material possession, thought, and action, pushes us towards a minimalist lifestyle.

Our version of minimalism might look a bit different than yours. Do you have the “stereotypical” definition in your mind like I initially did? Plain white walls, few material possessions, and zero waste. This is a perfectly beautiful version of minimalism but is quite unattainable to most.  You may have even hopped aboard the Marie Kondo train. I loved it for awhile, but the whole “spark joy” process sorta made me crazy. I backed off a bit on MK and started reaching inward for my next steps.

In defining your OWN version of minimalism, it becomes achievable for anyone who wants to live with less to make room for more. As I put together my own version, I’ve found some wonderfully supportive inspiration in a few of my favorite books – new & old! Check them out below – I know I’ll be referencing them all in the coming months.

This post contains affiliate links. I earn a small commission on purchases you make using my recommendations at no cost to you!

Cozy Minimalist Home: More Style, Less Stuff by Myquillyn Smith

Lightly: How to Live a Simple, Serene, and Stress-Free Life by Francine Jay

A Simplified Life: Tactical Tools for Intentional Living by Emily Ley

Grace, Not Perfection: Embracing Simplicity, Celebrating Joy by Emily Ley

The Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersley, A Bowl Full of Lemons

Especially since becoming a mama, just a bit over 3 years ago, I realize I can’t go on filling my life with clutter (mental, digital & physical) and live the life I want to live. I’m excited to re-focus this space on the internet towards sharing ways in which we streamline day-to-day & big picture tasks, while managing full-time jobs, to make way for all the super fun adventures and top priorities in our life!

I’ll share our systems for home & work management, simplifying the day-to-day, and ways to improve effectiveness in many areas that make balance in life overall a real possibility (not to be confused with work-life balance — that does not exist!). I want to be clear that I’m not perfect and I do struggle daily. I find myself overwhelmed and full of frustration often, but every step forward is one step away from struggling so frequently.

If living a life more meaningful with less is important to you, then stick around for inspiration to simplify and make LIFE a priority. I’m super excited to share our experience and hear about yours, too!

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I’m so grateful you’re here and can’t wait to simplify this life alongside you.

Please share how you found us in the comments below and let us in on your #1 struggle with managing the day-to-day among all the busyness. We’d love to hear from you!

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I honestly can’t understand how eight months have passed in this sweet girl’s life already but we’ve had SUCH a blast. Every new skill that emerges and every new laugh is a joy to behold. I’m still constantly questioning how I ever lived without her!


Age: Eight Months

Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces

Height: approximately 26.5 inches

Sleep: Great, until towards the end of the month when we had family in town and we let her sleep in our bed in her Dockatot…

Clothes: Still squeezing into 6 months but starting to use the 9 month sizes here and there. She’s so petite and definitely seems to be putting the mileage in on each size, which is great!

Firsts: The most notable “first” this month was our first major cold that landed us in the ER. Baby Dagny was running a high fever when we went out of town one weekend and we went to urgent care, only to find out they were closed due to capacity…so to the ER we went. They thought it was a UTI after ruling out ear infection and other ailments but ultimately that was also ruled out. It was just a nasty bug!

Personality: She’s still napping poorly at daycare, especially after I called them out on putting her on her stomach. She definitely does not flip to her stomach yet at home so I was uncomfortable with her being set down that way at daycare, even though I know she’d be able to roll over to her back if needed. You just never know and I’d regret not saying something when I had the chance if it ever caused an issue. Most of the month was spent sick for both Dagny and mama, but we had Nate’s family in town and got to see Mowich Lake in Mount Rainier National Park for the first time. It was absolutely gorgeous and Dagny slept the entire 16 miles on dirt road to get their…ha! Something we’ve noticed is that she tends to pay a lot of attention to her left hand. Not so much her right. Her uncle is left handed, so we’re wondering if she might be too?

Must Have: Sadly, this month due to how sick we’ve all been, the must have is our Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer. We tried a couple others and nothing works as well and easily as the Exergen. The Frida Baby Nose Frida is another, but I could swear I already listed that as a must have due to how much we’ve used it! Pretty sure we’re buying stock in Frida Baby!



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Each new month that passes reminds me that it keeps getting better and better and it also blows my mind at how fast it all goes. How is my tiny nugget already 7 months old? I remember flying to the hospital like it was yesterday!

Being a parent is tough work, but it’s so rewarding. Hearing little Dagny giggle far outweighs the fussiness. As the next few months progress, I really want to find a better balance in life so I can truly enjoy the little moments. I figured by now I’d have all the pieces in place to be a well-oiled machine in this house but I’m finding that is far from the truth. Maternity leave was obviously all baby, all day long and as soon as I got back to work, I was right back into the crazy.

After bump dates and baby monthly updates for over a year now, I’m excited to finally re-launch my blog in the next few months and work towards finding the balance and structure that will allow us to truly unwind, relax, and adventure on the weekends. Stay tuned!


Age: Seven Months

Weight: approximately 16 pounds

Height: approximately 26 inches

Sleep: Pretty much the same as last month but lately she’s been teething and very restless at night. Fingers crossed her first tooth cuts soon and she’s back to her sleepyhead self.

Clothes: Still 6 months but definitely creeping towards 9 month. I purchased another set of jammies second-hand and am ready for the graduation! I hardly used any cute 6 month clothes and the ones I did, I ended up using multiple times because they were just so cute. We should probably go out more…or I should probably buy less cute clothes knowing she basically LIVES in jammies.

Firsts: She sat up on her own for the first time and hasn’t stopped. She’s a champion sitter now and hardly wants to lay down! We’re fairly certain that she said her first word … “daddy.” We never counted “da-da” or “ma-ma” because obviously it wasn’t a conscious and intentional word on her part. However, when she said “daddy,” Nate was walking back towards her while we were camping and as soon as he got up close, she said it. It was unmistakable and we both looked at each other in surprise! Such a fun moment…and I happened to be taking pictures of her at the time which makes it all that much better. Other firsts include first foods! We’re going with “Baby Led Weaning” and simply handing her whole foods – steamed carrots, apricots, kale, bananas, cheese, shave ice (lol) and steak…yes, steak! It’s fantastic and she loves it all. We’re enjoying the carefree nature of it in that we don’t have to spoon feed her puree upon puree. I’m still nursing so BLW is an awesome way to get her acclimated to food textures and tastes. Will write more about it later! She enjoyed her first 4th of July in which she slept through the entire cul-de-sac fireworks show that happened to be right outside her bedroom window. Aunt Stephanie (my sister) came to visit for the first time and Dagny loved meeting her and going blueberry picking for the first time. Last one – first time without the Owlet sock since before we got it when she was 3 weeks old. So far, so good. Mama is still sleeping ok. Ha!

Personality: Dagny has a serious case of FOMO. She hardly sleeps at daycare and anytime guests stay over she’s all “nap, what nap?” We had a particularly rough day when Aunt Steph was visiting. I may or may not have lost my mind. Something that came and went in a blink of an eye was the funniest babbling with her bottom jaw. I called her grandma Dagny because she sounded like a grandma with her dentures pulled out! It was amazing and I soooo wish she was still doing it. Don’t blink, mamas! She loves textures and scratches everything. She’s still giggling a ton at Kate & Trudy – more than she ever does with Nate or me. It’s the absolute best sound in the world! One thing I never want to forget is how sweet she is while nursing. Granted, sometimes I want to be anywhere other than laying down nursing, but sometimes I just watch and listen. Lately she’s been flailing her arm allllll over the place, like she’s playing dodgeball. An arm a couple inches longer and my face would be punched multiple times. We’ll see if she grows out of this as she gets bigger! We’re noticing that she really likes to be independent and we’re happy to oblige.

Must Have: The Wubba Nub “puppy paci.” It took sweet Dagny SIX months to want to play with this thing and she’s hardly let it go since. She doesn’t necessarily suck it like most babies do – it’s more of a gnawing/chewing – but it makes no difference to me. She loves it and it really helps soothe her.



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Six whole months with our baby girl and they’ve been the best of my life! The first 3 months were a little rough around the edges but the latest 3 months have more than made up for the initial challenges. I’m loving this motherhood thing (most days) and feel so incredibly blessed to have little Dagny in our life. She is amazing!

2016 06 23_Dagny 6 Months_blog

Age: Six Months

Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces – gaining about a pound per month at this point.

Height: 25.5 inches

Sleep: Through the night! She’s usually fast asleep by 9pm and awake by 7:30am. She throws the occasional curve-ball and wakes up at midnight or 5am but it’s not frequent and we usually end up just bringing her into our bed in her Dock-a-Tot to avoid a 2nd wake-up. Naps are hit or miss. She usually sleeps great on Saturdays to make up for all the missed daycare naps but then Sunday rolls around and she realizes she doesn’t actually need so much sleep. Ha!

Clothes: 6 month clothes at 6 months and counting. She’s a little below average in height/weight so we’ll probably be in 9 month clothes around 7-7.5 months.

Firsts: She went camping for the first time, which also happened to be all of our first time camping in WA! We had a great time even though the temperature dipped to low-40s overnight. Eek! Dagny stayed warm in my sleeping bag, thank goodness. Nate had his first Father’s Day and we celebrated with the camping trip. We visited the aquarium and Dagny loved all the colors and little fishies. The week of Memorial Day was her first official week off daycare due to being sick. She had a cold that made her spit up A LOT in the morning after nursing so we kept her home all week. She did great and we didn’t have to call Dr. Joey!

Personality: She’s belly laughed a couple times with the dogs and her daddy and loves getting tickled. She seems to really love the outdoors as evidenced by hardly any fussiness while camping. She’s always been that way but it seems like lately she just absolutely loves being outside. She grabs her feet more often now and tries to eat them! She’s super social and smiles at everyone. When she sees her daddy after work she stares at him, smiles, and digs her face into my shoulder while giggling. She is THE BEST.

Must Have: Our hand-me-down baby Mammut down jacket! Literally the day before we went camping for the first time, a friend from my MOPs group gave me the jacket. It kept Dagny super warm when the weather was colder than we expected and we were super grateful for the awesomely warm jacket received at the perfect time.

2016 06 23_Dagny 6 Months with dogs_blog

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Oh, my heart. Five months is such a cool age, guys. Every month just gets better and better. Dagny is becoming such a little flirt – she smiles and coos at just about everyone these days. Little social butterfly, just like her daddy! These are the days, friends. These are the days.

2016 05 23_Dagny 5 Months_blog

Age: Five Months

Weight: 14 pounds 8 ounces

Height: 24.5 inches

Sleep: We made it through the 4-month sleep regression unscathed. She definitely had some rough nights this last month but after the horrible night a few weeks back, we purchased the Dockatot so we could safely co-sleep as needed. This turned out to be the best purchase ever and we got a lot of use out of it the last few weeks! I’m pretty sure the majority of her wakefulness was (and still is) at daycare because she hardly naps. She comes home exhausted, but is always happy when I drop her off and pick her up, so I think she’s just a night and weekend sleeper.

Clothes: Dagny is loving her new 6 month wardrobe. Rompers, shorts, swimsuits, oh my! So much cuteness for summer!

Firsts: Oh, let’s see. She rolled over from front to back at about 4.5 months. She is trying sooooo hard to roll from back to front but hasn’t quite made it all the way. She’s grabbing everything in sight, including her bottle, which she is very close to holding on her own. She loves those milkies no matter where they come from!

Personality: She LOVES her tongue right now and has started playing a lot with her feet. She’s a giggly little girl and still loves the changing table – it can turn her from Fussy McFusserson to Happy Camper in 1 second flat. It doesn’t typically matter who holds or pays attention to her, just as long as someone has the role! She talks a ton and keeps making new sounds every day. The dogs have become her favorite thing to watch at home. Ever since the latest 19 week leap, she’s noticed Kate & Trudy so much more as they slither around the house. It’s so neat to see her pay attention to them and especially see her laugh when they pay attention to her!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without the Dockatot. No way, no how. Best purchase ever! It’s coming with us camping too for our first trip over 4th of July weekend. It keeps Dagny warm, snuggled tight, and has magic baby sleeping dust released throughout the night. Just kidding on that last bit…but it sure feels like it’s true!

2016 05 23_Dagny 5 Months with dogs_blog

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