Of course, Dagny is 3 days shy of 4 months old and I’m just now posting her 3 month update. Points for doing it at all before the next one? I say yes!

There were so many big, fun events during her third month. She finally decided to take her bottles on daycare day 1 after lots of training attempts, so that previous challenge is no longer, thank goodness. Every week and every month seems to get better and more fun than the last!

2016 03 23_Dagny 3 Months_blog

Age: Three Months

Weight: 13 pounds (approximately)

Height: 23 inches (approximately)

Sleep: Longest stretch of sleep was 10.5 hours during our visit to Grand Rapids, MI when she was 10.5 weeks old. I could NOT believe it when it happened, but then it kept happening!

Clothes: She’s still comfortable in 0-3 months clothes and they’ll be on her for at least another two weeks. She’s growing longer than she is wider so I think we’ll always be replacing those footy PJs, long sleeves, and leggings first!

Diapers: She’s loving the Rumparooz all day and we decided to switch her to a disposable at night for the longer sleep stretch. Her little legs are still pretty tiny so I didn’t want to squish another soaker into the cloth diapers yet. She also wore disposables all through our trip to MI/IL and we learned that little girl HATES to be wet in those, but does fine at night. Weird, but it works.

Firsts: So many big milestones! First flight where she rode first class in style because mama and daddy had enough airline miles. First time meeting her great-grandparents and her Aunt Katie and Uncles Matt and David! First (and only) baptism in Michigan where she wore the family christening gown. First day at daycare – longest she’d been away from me to date.  First time sleeping in her crib at night (right about 3 months)!

Personality: She is still so calm and sweet. She started to chat and coo so much and we just ate it all up! She’s become so much more alert and aware of her surroundings and wants to be part of the action most of the time. She’s still loving our image in the mirror when we walk by and watching the dogs run around. Her transition to daycare with basically zero issues leads me to believe she’s pretty darn adaptive too. Nobody cried, including me!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without our Avent Classic 4 oz. Bottles in Pink this month because they’re the bottle she ended up taking regularly! We tried many and eventually found this bottle worked best after using the Medela Calma bottle to “train” her to understand what a bottle does in the first place.

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Am I really two weeks away from returning to work? For real?!

These last 10 weeks went WAY too fast for my liking and if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you I’m not about to get over that fact any time soon. The tears have fallen on more than one occasion for reasons that often contradict each other.

I have loved the chance to spend this precious time with my baby, but it’s not nearly enough. I didn’t take enough pictures. I didn’t stay caught up to her baby album or even hang the bookshelves in her nursery. Sleep and snuggles always came first. I’m not the mother I thought I’d be at this point…and now she has to spend so much of her day away starting in two weeks. Ugh. I already miss her and she’s not even there yet!

Right now she won’t consistently take a bottle of breast milk. I’m pretty sure we’ve got a case of bottle-nipple confusion vs. rejection of the bottle altogether, so I’m hopeful that we can get this resolved in time for daycare.

We’re trying 4 different bottles at the moment and a 5th is on its way from Amazon. She’s taken all 4 bottles at least once for at least an ounce but for whatever reason she’s not consistent about it. Yesterday, I tried the Playtex Nurser and while she was happy as can be while trying it out, she wouldn’t suck! Later in the day, I tried the Philips Avent Classic+ and she didn’t take it at first, but then later she took it with no problem at all. We’re so confused!

I’m hopeful she’ll take a bottle at daycare when she needs to, but we’ll be in mega training mode next week during our visit to see both of our families in the Midwest! I have a backup plan that isn’t too detrimental to my time if she doesn’t take the bottle at daycare. That said, I know this is just a small blip in our nursing relationship and Dagny will only need me like this for so long.

How can anyone resist a face such as hers when she’s trying so hard to understand why I’m handing her a toy filled with milk!

2016 03 01 Dagny Bottle Training


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Month two has been a lot different than the first. For starters, holy growth spurts! One around 6 weeks and another mega leap around week 8 kept us on our toes in a big way. I had some trouble with breastfeeding constantly during these growth spurts but I’m trying (hard) to stay positive. Breastfeeding is such a blessing when it fits into our routine and I get a chance to really settle into the bonding experience, but it’s not all that fun when it’s twice as much in a given day out of nowhere. When that happens, it makes me wonder how I’ll get through future growth spurts AND work full time. Ugh.

On the same token, our big challenge at the moment is getting Dagny to take a bottle of pumped milk. I’ve been pumping once a day since she was 3 weeks old and I always knew if breastfeeding got to be too hard, at least I could step away for a feeding or two, not to mention go back to work and make sure she’s still fed. She took a bottle at 4 weeks but we stopped trying after that until right as she turned two months…and we quickly realized we made a mistake not giving her a bottle regularly beforehand. Hopefully I have good news to report in the 3 month update…

2016 02 23_Dagny Two Months_blog

Age: Two Months

Weight: 10 pounds, 14 ounces (gain of 4 lbs exactly from birth)

Height: 22.5 inches (gain of 3.5 inches from birth)

Sleep: Longest stretch of sleep was 9 hours in the middle of the month – majority of nights were at least 8 hours (hurrah!!). The grunting has lessened but there were quite a few 4-5am wake ups still as we get used to the longer sleep schedule.

Clothes: Definitely out of newborn clothes at this point. She probably has 1-2 inches to go before she’s out of footy PJs in the 3 month size so we might make it to 3.5-4 months before she jumps to 6 month. I hardly have anything for 6 month so my fingers are crossed we get a good use out of 3 before I have to hit the Carter’s racks again!

Diapers: Currently wearing Kanga Care’s Lil’ Joey newborn cloth diapers AND the Rumparooz. She’s right there in the range of being able to wear both comfortably so for a short period our stash of cloth diapers is gigantic.

Firsts: We left the house and ate out at a restaurant (Farrelli’s) for the first time and she slept the whole meal. We also attacked her first diaper rash and passed over a cloth diaper washing learning curve. She met her only cousin over Valentine’s weekend and picked up his tendency to scream loudly (he’s 9 months). Ha! As far as other firsts, there were way too many to track but in general she’s holding her head up like a champ, laughing, smiling, and cooing a ton. She started noticing her reflection in the mirror too!

Personality: She is SO CALM. Last month we thought she might be a little colicky but it was just excessive gas remedied early on by Little Remedies anti-gas drops and age, as the month went on. It was probably a little bit of growth spurting too. We stopped the drops around 8 weeks and haven’t really noticed a major difference either way. She’s a champion sleeper – I almost hesitate to talk about it because we got really lucky. She drove us right into her own little schedule early on and I’ve been nudging her every day since just to keep everything on track. We’re following the Babywise method for feeding/sleeping and it’s going so well for Dagny. I think (hope) it continues to work well when she starts going to daycare. She also loves to breastfeed apparently as evidenced by rejection of the bottle. We’ve been able to get her a few ounces through the bottle but we have a lot of work to do before daycare day 1 or I’ll be driving down for a few nursing sessions! Wish us luck!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without our Owlet Baby Monitor this month (started using at 3 weeks old). One of the main reasons we actually sleep at night along with her is the knowledge that she’s being monitored and we’ll get an alarm if anything is amiss. It’s such a huge peace of mind and I honestly don’t know what nights would be like if we didn’t have this awesome technology.

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The sweet smell of her skin and discovering her tiny little features is what I live for these days. Dagny is exactly 6 weeks old today and I’ve been her mama for that long plus 39 weeks and 3 days. Some moments I wish time would slow down and others that it would speed up, but I wouldn’t trade this season for the world.

2016 02 03 Little Things Linkup Photo

Every day is different. I’m realizing that some “must have” items have been totally unnecessary. I don’t know how anyone stays sane during colic (or what I’d do if simethicone drops didn’t work for us as they have the last two weeks). I don’t know how I got so lucky to have such a sweet baby to mother. I pretty much know that I’ve never loved my husband or Dagny more than I do today, and for that, I’m in a total state of newborn bliss!

I know I won’t be the perfect mom to Dagny or that I’ll always have the right answer, but I will try as hard as I can to make sure she knows she is loved, smart, funny, and beautiful. I’ll always make sure she can come to me for anything without fear and that she knows her voice matters. We’ll teach her the ways of our crazy world and how our values and ethics might shape her into a good contributor to society. Those are the big things.

As for the little things…I’ll just soak in all her newness, pull those tiny footy pjs from the “newborn” size drawer while I still can, change another diaper, and nurse her until she’s full. Commence heart bursting!


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My little girl is already 2 days shy of 6 weeks old. HOW did that happen?? Halfway done with maternity leave and I cannot believe it. We’re having a blast with Dagny and learning so much about her and our parenting methods (hint: not much different than parenting two fur babies at this point). I’m finally starting to feel more human now that we’ve worked towards a nursing / sleeping schedule that seems to work best for all of us and we love seeing new personality traits peek through when she’s awake and alert.

If I’ve learned one thing in these first 6 weeks, it’s that all of my efforts to simplify our lives before she arrived are paying off via less stress for me as I focus on Dagny and our new life together.

2016 01 23_Dagny One Month_blog

Age: One Month

Weight: 8 pounds, 8 ounces (gain of 1 lb, 10 oz from birth)

Height: 20.75 inches (gain of 1.75 inches from birth – who knew babies grew this fast??)

Sleep: Longest stretch of sleep was 5.5 hours towards the end of the month. Mommy didn’t sleep quite as long with the frequent checks for breathing. Little one grunts and cries out at least 3-4 times a night but doesn’t officially wake up.

Clothes: Still in newborn size but some of her footy PJs are too short.

Diapers: Currently wearing Kanga Care’s Lil’ Joey newborn cloth diapers. She’s developed a rash we have to attack and will be switching to disposables for the duration but we love the ease of cloth diapers and washing daily is not as difficult as it might seem.

Firsts: Her first official holiday was Christmas 2015 at two days old. We gave her first bottle the day before she turned one month. I don’t love to pump so we try not to give unnecessary bottles but it’s a great relief that she took the bottle easily and has no issues nursing still. We pretty much followed the 4 week rule. She also smiled for the first time on her one month birthday. I had been gone most of the afternoon (hence the bottle – she needed one that day) and when I got home she was alert in her crib, saw me when I came in, and gave the biggest smile! My heart totally melted to pieces.

Personality: She isn’t fazed AT ALL by Kate & Trudy’s loud barks and craziness. They all love each other at this point. It took Kate zero seconds to be all over Dagny but Trudy needed a little more time; finally warming up around 2-3 weeks. She cries after every big yawn, loves staring at the sunlight through window blinds and the watercolor above her crib, and being in the car as long as it’s moving and she isn’t hungry or wet. Her cry reminds me of the scene where Buddy the Elf sprays perfume in his mouth and I recorded it so I’ll never ever forget it! We think she may have developed some mild colic but I’m not convinced and will try everything before settling for that word. She’s been consistently crabby between 1-5pm for a week or so. Gripe water hasn’t really helped so we’re trying the next option of simethicone drops. Overall, she’s your typical newborn this month and we’re really excited to see how she grows and changes month to month!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without our Little Unicorn swaddles this month. They are huge and thick and make amazing nighttime swaddle blankets. They have a ton of new sets too and my eyes are getting bigger than my wallet!

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