30 Before 30

I was born on March 31, 1985, which happens to be nearly 30 years ago (sorry, Mom).

2015 will be here before I know it so in an effort to make the journey to 30 as fun as can be, I’ve embarked on a “30 Before 30” journey!

I’ve seen a few of these lists around and have had a blast reading what everyone is up to before their 30th birthday. Here’s mine!

1. Read the current books in A Song of Ice & Fire Series | Game of Thrones | A Clash of Kings | A Storm of Swords | A Feast for Crows | A Dance with Dragons

2. Finish digital album of road trip to Montana from Thanksgiving 2011

3. Move to a new City Completed 10/27/2014

4. Adopt Trudy Completed 9/28/2013

5. Lose 10+ pounds Completed 5/31/2014

6. Open an Etsy shop Completed 11/27/2013 (the Kate & Trudy shop)

7. Take inventory of all material items we own and purge/sell/donate anything we don’t need Completed 10/10/2014

8. Create/sew an elaborate Daenerys costume for Halloween

9. Finish at least one knitting project

10. Compile an image portfolio containing 50 images shot only on my Canon 1V film camera

11. Finish a cross-stitch project Completed 12/31/2013

12. Take a 10-day social media break.

13. Spend a weekend in downtown Chicago to walk around and photograph it from my memories and perspective. Then create a 100+ page coffee table book.

14. Write nothing on my to-do list for just ONE day. Completed 7/4/2014

15. Upgrade to a King Size bed upon completion of #3. Completed 10/27/2014

16. Write another online photography business workshop/e-course.

17. Get a promotion at my day job. Completed 2/28/2014

18. Give the blog a professional makeover. Completed 11/11/2013

19. Attend one month of Pure Barre classes (revised from original goal of yoga everyday).

20. Have a Christmas movie marathon with family. Completed 12/25/2013

21. Become debt free by paying off Husband’s student loan.










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