Dagny Amelia // Eight Months

I honestly can’t understand how eight months have passed in this sweet girl’s life already but we’ve had SUCH a blast. Every new skill that emerges and every new laugh is a joy to behold. I’m still constantly questioning how I ever lived without her!


Age: Eight Months

Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces

Height: approximately 26.5 inches

Sleep: Great, until towards the end of the month when we had family in town and we let her sleep in our bed in her Dockatot…

Clothes: Still squeezing into 6 months but starting to use the 9 month sizes here and there. She’s so petite and definitely seems to be putting the mileage in on each size, which is great!

Firsts: The most notable “first” this month was our first major cold that landed us in the ER. Baby Dagny was running a high fever when we went out of town one weekend and we went to urgent care, only to find out they were closed due to capacity…so to the ER we went. They thought it was a UTI after ruling out ear infection and other ailments but ultimately that was also ruled out. It was just a nasty bug!

Personality: She’s still napping poorly at daycare, especially after I called them out on putting her on her stomach. She definitely does not flip to her stomach yet at home so I was uncomfortable with her being set down that way at daycare, even though I know she’d be able to roll over to her back if needed. You just never know and I’d regret not saying something when I had the chance if it ever caused an issue. Most of the month was spent sick for both Dagny and mama, but we had Nate’s family in town and got to see Mowich Lake in Mount Rainier National Park for the first time. It was absolutely gorgeous and Dagny slept the entire 16 miles on dirt road to get their…ha! Something we’ve noticed is that she tends to pay a lot of attention to her left hand. Not so much her right. Her uncle is left handed, so we’re wondering if she might be too?

Must Have: Sadly, this month due to how sick we’ve all been, the must have is our Exergen Temporal Scanner Thermometer. We tried a couple others and nothing works as well and easily as the Exergen. The Frida Baby Nose Frida is another, but I could swear I already listed that as a must have due to how much we’ve used it! Pretty sure we’re buying stock in Frida Baby!



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