Dagny Amelia // Six Months

Six whole months with our baby girl and they’ve been the best of my life! The first 3 months were a little rough around the edges but the latest 3 months have more than made up for the initial challenges. I’m loving this motherhood thing (most days) and feel so incredibly blessed to have little Dagny in our life. She is amazing!

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Age: Six Months

Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces – gaining about a pound per month at this point.

Height: 25.5 inches

Sleep: Through the night! She’s usually fast asleep by 9pm and awake by 7:30am. She throws the occasional curve-ball and wakes up at midnight or 5am but it’s not frequent and we usually end up just bringing her into our bed in her Dock-a-Tot to avoid a 2nd wake-up. Naps are hit or miss. She usually sleeps great on Saturdays to make up for all the missed daycare naps but then Sunday rolls around and she realizes she doesn’t actually need so much sleep. Ha!

Clothes: 6 month clothes at 6 months and counting. She’s a little below average in height/weight so we’ll probably be in 9 month clothes around 7-7.5 months.

Firsts: She went camping for the first time, which also happened to be all of our first time camping in WA! We had a great time even though the temperature dipped to low-40s overnight. Eek! Dagny stayed warm in my sleeping bag, thank goodness. Nate had his first Father’s Day and we celebrated with the camping trip. We visited the aquarium and Dagny loved all the colors and little fishies. The week of Memorial Day was her first official week off daycare due to being sick. She had a cold that made her spit up A LOT in the morning after nursing so we kept her home all week. She did great and we didn’t have to call Dr. Joey!

Personality: She’s belly laughed a couple times with the dogs and her daddy and loves getting tickled. She seems to really love the outdoors as evidenced by hardly any fussiness while camping. She’s always been that way but it seems like lately she just absolutely loves being outside. She grabs her feet more often now and tries to eat them! She’s super social and smiles at everyone. When she sees her daddy after work she stares at him, smiles, and digs her face into my shoulder while giggling. She is THE BEST.

Must Have: Our hand-me-down baby Mammut down jacket! Literally the day before we went camping for the first time, a friend from my MOPs group gave me the jacket. It kept Dagny super warm when the weather was colder than we expected and we were super grateful for the awesomely warm jacket received at the perfect time.

2016 06 23_Dagny 6 Months with dogs_blog

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