Dagny Amelia // Four Months

…and here we are again at TWO days before her next monthly milestone with the last update. Go me! It’s really time I prioritize this blog again – I think about it SO OFTEN and miss all the fun I used to have with writing and sharing. Next rainy weekend is blog weekend. For real!

2016 04 23_Dagny 4 Months_blog

Age: Four Months

Weight: 13 pounds 7 ounces

Height: 24 inches

Sleep: She’s still regularly sleeping 10+ hours…around 9 or 9:30pm to 7 or 7:30am. She had the worst night ever at about 3.5 months which I feared was the start of a sleep regression, but I think she was fighting a low grade fever. The next night she ran about 100.4 but then slept it off and woke up normal. She’s been sleeping reasonably OK since with a few nights of 1 to 2 wake ups. We’re just trying to make sure she has really good awake time and decent naps at daycare. There will be lots of outdoor time with the neighbor kids in the coming month with the weather finally turning up!

Clothes: I hit the 6 month clothing racks and Dagny is officially on the cusp of wearing it all. I bought shorts and tank top onesies…and OMG, they are adorable. Did you see on Instagram?!

Diapers: Still in Rumparooz all day and disposable at night. I’ll write more about our experience with cloth diapering soon!

Firsts: Since my sweetie was in daycare most of this month, I’m sure I missed a lot of the small firsts. Some of the big ones include her first cold/fever around 16 weeks, thanks to daycare, I’m sure! We didn’t have to call the pediatrician though. She had her first walk in the Lillebaby carrier – not sure why we didn’t try it earlier, especially during her first trip up Crystal Mountain and the gondola. Too bad Rainier was hiding behind a layer of clouds that day. She had her first experience hanging out in the Bumbo seat AND Jenny Jump Up. She loves them both! She also painted her first little artwork at daycare. I can’t wait to get the memory book they put together!

Personality: She is the best. Does that explain it? Haha! She really is so darn chill most of the time. She naps well at home, not so well at daycare. She loves people-watching and especially being outside in the fresh air. She’s chatty quite a bit as before and every new sound is so fun to hear for the first time. She’s just a really easy going babe and we love her to pieces!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without Burt’s Bees bibs. She started spitting up nearly every single morning after nursing – especially when placed in her car seat. We started using the bibs to catch it all! These bibs are amazing and we super love them!

2016 04 23_Dagny 4 Months with dogs_blog



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