Dagny Amelia // Five Months

Oh, my heart. Five months is such a cool age, guys. Every month just gets better and better. Dagny is becoming such a little flirt – she smiles and coos at just about everyone these days. Little social butterfly, just like her daddy! These are the days, friends. These are the days.

2016 05 23_Dagny 5 Months_blog

Age: Five Months

Weight: 14 pounds 8 ounces

Height: 24.5 inches

Sleep: We made it through the 4-month sleep regression unscathed. She definitely had some rough nights this last month but after the horrible night a few weeks back, we purchased the Dockatot so we could safely co-sleep as needed. This turned out to be the best purchase ever and we got a lot of use out of it the last few weeks! I’m pretty sure the majority of her wakefulness was (and still is) at daycare because she hardly naps. She comes home exhausted, but is always happy when I drop her off and pick her up, so I think she’s just a night and weekend sleeper.

Clothes: Dagny is loving her new 6 month wardrobe. Rompers, shorts, swimsuits, oh my! So much cuteness for summer!

Firsts: Oh, let’s see. She rolled over from front to back at about 4.5 months. She is trying sooooo hard to roll from back to front but hasn’t quite made it all the way. She’s grabbing everything in sight, including her bottle, which she is very close to holding on her own. She loves those milkies no matter where they come from!

Personality: She LOVES her tongue right now and has started playing a lot with her feet. She’s a giggly little girl and still loves the changing table – it can turn her from Fussy McFusserson to Happy Camper in 1 second flat. It doesn’t typically matter who holds or pays attention to her, just as long as someone has the role! She talks a ton and keeps making new sounds every day. The dogs have become her favorite thing to watch at home. Ever since the latest 19 week leap, she’s noticed Kate & Trudy so much more as they slither around the house. It’s so neat to see her pay attention to them and especially see her laugh when they pay attention to her!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without the Dockatot. No way, no how. Best purchase ever! It’s coming with us camping too for our first trip over 4th of July weekend. It keeps Dagny warm, snuggled tight, and has magic baby sleeping dust released throughout the night. Just kidding on that last bit…but it sure feels like it’s true!

2016 05 23_Dagny 5 Months with dogs_blog

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