The One Where We Bought a Home

“Whoa! You like Seattle that much?!”

That’s the response I continue to hear from my local colleagues and friends when I say we did, in fact, just come under contract within 3 months of living in Seattle and during winter. GASP.

The next comment I hear:

“No wonder…it’s been a BULLSH** season!”

Yes, yes it has – 60 degree weather, sunny days more often than not, mountains out nearly every time I venture out to my client’s office for meetings (which is not often). Seattle is paradise!

Rain or shine, Seattle is paradise.

We are LOVING it here. Despite my continued crazy work schedule, we’ve ventured out to Bainbridge Island, downtown Seattle a couple times, Tacoma to visit a photographer friend, Bellevue, Maple Valley, and all around Issaquah, where we currently live in our apartment. This place is incredible and we’ve barely scratched the surface.

So, back to the house. Last weekend we opted to start checking out some open houses. We thought about building new, so with a lease expiration of 8/15, we knew we had to start now. We had no idea that house #5 would be it!

All we needed was one look off the back porch on said sunny day to know we were home.

Wish us luck that all goes well with our first home buying experience!

>> to be continued <<

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