The 2014 Directive: March {a link-up}

Did February fly by, or was it just me?! March is two days away and I’m very, very excited for what’s to come. The year’s about to start chuggin’ down the tracks at full speed as soon as March hits! I’m ready … are you?!

What is The 2014 Directive?

The 2014 Directive started on January 1st as a “modern new year’s resolution.” It’s an Instagram & blog link-up structured in a way to maximize success of your goals by setting them on a monthly basis. Whether you need to lose a couple pounds, organize your closet, or save a bit of cash, The 2014 Directive structure will get you there.

There are no strict guidelines for participating and you set your own goals. Whatever is relevant to your life each month!

{read more about The 2014 Directive here}

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How can I participate and link-up?

Visit The 2014 Directive details page for all the information you need to get started on the right foot. You can participate by linking up your blog post below and/or sharing your goal on Instagram (#the2014directive) with a smattering of photos throughout the month.

This month’s link-up will be open until March 31st, so add your March Directive post any time during the month.

ONE of the most exciting new features of The 2014 Directive is our shiny new Google+ Community! It’s a place to share your Directive, offer support, come up with and share new ideas, and make new friends! As soon as you link-up a blog post or tag (@kateandtrudy & #the2014directive) at least one photo explaining your Directive on the Instagram feed, you’ll be accepted into the super fun and supportive Google+ Community. Request to join once you’ve met these requirements and start getting and giving support on your goals!


ANOTHER most exciting new feature of The 2014 Directive is the addition of a monthly co-host! HOORAY! If you would like to co-host a future month, please use the Contact form and select “Interested in Co-Hosting The 2014 Directive” as the subject of inquiry.

This month, we have someone very special to me – my first “official” bloggy friend/July 2013 Cara Box match/Army Wife-extraordinaire:

Elizabeth // Army Ever After

2014-03 Co-Host_Army Ever After

Blog // BlogLovin’ // Instagram // Twitter

Send her some love, my friends!

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My March Directive

Take care of myself. Since I turn 29 on March 31st and will be exactly one year away from 30, no more excuses!

This statement seems so vague, but I promise it’s a S.M.A.R.T. goal! Here’s how I plan to “take care of myself” this month:


> Log at least 8.5 hours of sleep per night, 9 is preferable.

> Drink 60-75 ounces of water a day.

> Take a daily multi-vitamin.

> Give up alcohol (it affects my sleep!).

> Limit sweets to one treat per day maximum. Size of treat can’t be more than the size of a Cadbury egg (obviously, I will be eating 31 Cadbury eggs this month).


// Hair

> Get a haircut & highlights on Saturday, March 1st.

> Try 5 new hairstyles.

> Dry & style my hair every morning (as opposed to just slapping it up wet – remember, I work from home).

// Skin

> Re-evaluate my makeup bag and purge/replace makeup as necessary (I already know I’m switching to Root Pretty makeup).

> Dry brush twice a week.

> Apply body lotion every day after shower.

> Apply face mask at least once per week.

> Get a body wrap spa treatment at the end of the month for my birthday!

// Nails

> Give myself a manicure & pedicure every two weeks (a la this post).

> Get a fancy manicure & pedicure at the end of the month for my birthday!

There are some expected roadblocks such as business travel again next week, but I think the goals I’ve set are manageable even while traveling. I’ll set up a calendar outlining these goals with a place to check off each day that I’m successful. It worked so well for January that I figured it’s a must have with March.

I’m super excited to read all about your goals! Make sure to link-up below any time this month and join the Google+ Community ASAP!

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Past Directive Progress Reports

February 2014 (the link-up) ~ Organize & Purge my Closet

“Adios, clothing from 10+ years ago! Find your way onto some other 19 year old.”

This month was tough given the short duration but 100% of my clothing is organized and purged. I’ve given Husband back a full section of the closet, found tons of room in my dressers and have a huge assortment of fun stuff to add to a “shop my closet” effort before donating the rest. I even found my high school class ring that I thought was long gone! I could not be more thrilled that this effort, something that’s been weighing on my mind for YEARS, is finally done.

What I haven’t accomplished as planned is adding the items I’m keeping into the StyleBook app. I’ll save that for a rainy day this summer when I might be able to purge additional clothes in another round! It’s just not a necessity right now, sadly.

I’ll be thinking of and planning to fill holes in my closet going forward. You may have seen my sweatshirt round-up last Friday…and I’m sure there will be many more similar posts to come! I’ll probably be following some new style/fashion bloggers for some inspiration, so if you have a favorite or two, share in the comments below!

January 2014 (the link-up) ~ Complete a “No Spend” Month

We spent a third of the normal amount during January’s “no spend” month and so far in February have done quite well too! We’ve spent more than in January, but it’s still close to our set budget for the month, which was higher to start. We did go on an impromptu sushi date but it was well deserved after all our hard work to save-save-save! Budgeting can TOTALLY be fun. Have you seen the budget kit in my Etsy shop? That’s what we’re using! Another awesome update? Husband should be employed for real within the next few months!!

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Notes for Next Month

April’s Directive with progress reporting for January-March will be live on Wednesday, March 26, 2014. This date is listed in the (free to download) Participant Planner so you won’t forget and if you join the Google+ Community, you’ll get a reminder there as well!

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