On Simplifying…

I’ve been on the quest to truly simplify my life since August 2013, but 2014 really catapulted this effort forward. With the help of The 2014 Directive, I’ve spent the month of January spending no money on “extras.” In February, I plan to tackle my wardrobe (sneak peek alert!). I have March set up as well plus a long list of ideas for the rest of the year…all related to simplifying my life from A to Z.

All that said, I realize this is a constant quest in life. New challenges will always creep up requiring innovative solutions and simplifications. Life will never truly be 100% smooth sailing, but I like it that way. At my core is a girl that just wants to keep organizing! I think the key is to accept that fate but take what I own now and simplify it to the point of being able to do the same instinctively with anything new – from moving to a new city to starting a family.

20140123 On Simplifying

I was thinking the other day about how my life has changed since I started to consciously simplify. I really do feel different than in the past – even as recent as December! I think the best word to describe my current mentality is “zen.”

> I’m not as quick to anger, though I still get upset at times (work in progress, of course).

> I’ve uttered the phrase “I’m bored” more often than EVER. I legitimately feel bored at times and crave interaction and something new.

> Ideas have been flowing out of my mind like a faucet. I can’t keep up with writing everything I’m thinking about!

> I’ve managed my day job more effectively and feel more on top of my work than in December, even while helping out on three new business proposals.

> My mind is open to new adventures – from actually getting out of the house to discover something new to going to bed at 9pm (yes, 9pm bedtime is an adventure to me).

As I near the age of 29, I wish I’d discovered these feelings sooner. Maybe it would have been impossible without my prior experiences leading me down this path, but it feels so good to have this sense of clarity and focus.

A simple life is exactly what the doctor ordered!

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