Week in Review ~ Trudy, Everyday Happy & October

Last week I took a little blog break and it turned out to be exactly what I needed to get on top of life, despite new curve balls that appeared.

I figured a week in review summary was the best way to get back into writing.

First things first. I’m sure you’re all chomping at the bits to hear all about Trudy’s first week. Well, she more than exceeded our expectations with acclimating to her new surroundings. Seriously, Trudy is week’s ahead in maturity than little Kate was at the same age. We believe it’s because she’s so “at home” with another dachshund around. Kate obviously didn’t have this benefit when she was a puppy, so we definitely think Kate’s presence has improved Trudy’s well-being. We’re so happy!

We have tons of cute videos to share, but we’ll start with a smattering of photos first.

Day 1photos posted last week

Day 2 – sister “snuggles” on daddy’s lap

20131008 Trudy

Day 3 – beginnings of play

20131008 Trudy

20131008 Trudy

20131008 Trudy

20131008 Trudy

Day 4 – MUCH better snuggles & a trip to the emergency vet (for excessive peeing aka UTI…aka cha’ching!)

20131008 Trudy

20131008 Trudy

Day 5 – hanging out at mama’s feet

20131008 Trudy

Day 6 – afternoon snooze after a few days of crazy backyard play in the leaves

20131008 Trudy

Day 7 – this may or may not have been partially staged, but they did both wake up and make the conscious decision to remain. 7 days to sisterly love!!

20131008 Trudy


Next up, the Everyday Happy e-course (link) instructed by Melyssa at the Nectar Collective and Erika at Chimerikal.

I was perusing my BlogLovin’ feed and read all about Codi’s (Art of Balance) excitement over her enrollment on Tuesday last week, which was the first day of the e-course. I signed up immediately as I knew the course was for me at that exact moment. After a little freakout that I might have missed the window for the current run, Melyssa, all the way out in Japan, signed me up and I jumped right in.

I am LOVING the e-course so far in so many ways. I’ll write separate blog posts reflecting on what I’ve learned about myself, but YOU need this course the next time it runs. We’ve just started Week 2 and I’m telling y’all, it’s eye-opening. I’m not an unhappy person, but I’m also not as exceptionally happy as I desire to be everyday.

I really dug deep last week into one of the assignments to find out my personality type according to Myers-Briggs. I’ve taken the tests before but never have I connected with or paid attention to the results. I found out I’m an ISTJ, then made Husband take the test too. He’s an ENTP. My mom is an ESTJ and my dad is an ISTJ, like me. My dad nearly refused to take the test but I insisted so we could prove that psychologically we ARE the same…we laughed so hard when it was proven! I’m planning a more detailed review of my results in the coming weeks.

One of the absolute best benefits to this course is the assignment of our course buddies. Oh my gosh, I can already tell I hit the jackpot with mine! She’s incredible and already so supportive and open. I’m feeling super blessed to have her as my course buddy. I’m also super jealous of her at the moment because she’s on vacation in Italy.

Stay tuned for more awesomeness related to this e-course.



October has begun and so far we haven’t enjoyed any fall events. I’d really like to go apple picking and especially want to drink some fresh hot apple cider!

Pumpkin carving is a must and I want to catch up to the adorable Owl for October in my Woodland Sampler cross-stitch (link)! I’m almost done with June. Since I only started at the beginning of September, I’m knocking these squares out so fast! Cross-stitching has proven to be an excellent stress-reliever.

20131008 Cross-Stitch

This past weekend I skipped my 10 year high school reunion. With the new puppy, and frankly not that much “new” info to share, plus tons of rain during the football game, I just didn’t want to go. I hope I’m available to attend the 20 year reunion, as I’m sure it will be way more entertaining. I hope I spend less time on Facebook over the next 10 years so everyone will actually have news to share. Ha!

I spent much of the rainy weekend organizing my sister’s rooms which are currently serving as storage units. There is now a clear pathway with everything sorted by type in different areas. Next step is to pack it in boxes to take to the REAL storage unit.

20131008 Organizing (2)

20131008 Organizing (1)

On Saturday we’re heading to Grand Rapids, MI for a week to stay with my in-laws and get Husband another week in of work with his dad. I’m also taking a couple days off my day job during our trip. I’d really like to get the dogs out for a little fall photo shoot while we’re there and maybe we’ll get to that apple picking and/or pumpkin carving!

At the end of the month, I’m headed back out to Warthan Farms for a photography retreat! I attended the same retreat last November and it was amazing. I’m so thrilled to see my girls again! Most of us going this time are alumni from last trip. I can’t wait!

20131008 Inspiration on the Farm (3)

20131008 Inspiration on the Farm (2)

20131008 Inspiration on the Farm (1)

Anyone have any ideas for a fun Halloween costume? For the dogs and for us? I don’t have time to make my Deanerys costume to check off an item on my 30 Before 30 list, so an easier costume will have to suffice!


Happy October y’all! Have a wonderful week.

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