Jumping Back into a Gym Routine…

First thing’s first, I met Mal (of Mal Smiles) on Sunday! That’s right…we met at the Grand Rapids airport.

She was a bridesmaid in a wedding in northern Michigan over the weekend and my little family arrived at the in-law’s on Saturday. I noticed we were crossing paths in Grand Rapids and couldn’t pass up the chance to have my very first BLATE! LOL. For anyone who doesn’t know what a “blate” is…it’s a “blogger date,” and it’s awesome.

Anyway, it was so much fun and I LOVED meeting her. I especially loved meeting her while sponsoring her blog!

Mal and Jessica at Grand Rapids Airport

Today’s my guest post on Mal’s blog and I’ve shared 7 tips for jumping back into a gym routine. I seriously need to heed my own advice, which is why I’ve written it all down. I’ve followed these steps often as I’m such a yo-yo gym-goer!

I’m hoping to set some major healthy habits in the near future so come along for the ride! Check out Mal’s blog today to read all about my 7 tips for jumping back into a gym routine. xo


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