30 Before 30 {#11-20 & a progress update}

T-Minus 18 months before I turn 30 years old. I’m still so excited for the milestone and have compiled another 10 items I’d like to accomplish before I turn 30.

First, let’s take a look at where I’m at on the 1st 10 items:

1. Read the current books in A Song of Ice & Fire Series | Game of Thrones | A Clash of Kings | A Storm of Swords | A Feast for Crows | A Dance with Dragons

I’m done with Game of Thrones and well into A Clash of Kings. The books are taking about 3-4 months each to read, so it looks like I’ll have enough time to complete each. Even though I’m still reading what’s already been covered by HBO, there is so much more within the books that makes me so excited to catch up.

2. Finish digital album of road trip to Montana from Thanksgiving 2011

I have been as anti-computer as possible with my crafting lately so this is not going to happen for probably a little while yet. I might try to work on it over Thanksgiving 2013 as an homage. Ha!

3. Move to a new City

We’re almost ready to check this one off. It’ll be sometime next Spring/early Summer and I’ll share all the details when we know!

4. Adopt Trudy

Yay Trudy!! You couldn’t possibly have missed this all over the blog the last 2.5 months. Here’s my favorite post of pictures so far of her.

5. Lose 10+ pounds and keep it off

I completed my juice cleanse a few weeks ago and the weight has stayed level where I ended, though I’ve been focusing only on my nutrition and not exercise. Of the 10 pounds I want to lose before I’m 30, I’m down 4. I can do this – and hopefully then some!

6. Open an Etsy shop

I briefly indicated we would be opening something up mid-November and due to some other more pressing tasks this might be pushed back. I really want to jump in head first, but I also don’t want to put something together that I can’t properly manage with the time I have. We’re doing LOTS of planning to make it the very best it can be!

7. Take inventory of all material items we own and purge/sell/donate anything we don’t need

Our bedroom and bathroom are pretty much complete. I have stuff in both of my sister’s rooms which was organized at least to create a pathway this past weekend. Once their rooms are organized and emptied, I’ll tackle what we’ve dumped in the basement. Following the basement, everything will have made it to our storage unit and once we move (see #3), I’ll unpack with the intention of doing one last sort. Exhausting – but so worth it to lighten our material goods load!

8. Create/sew an elaborate Daenerys costume for Halloween

I would have loved to make this for Halloween 2013, but I had zero time. Still looking for a costume for this year!

9. Finish at least one knitting project

Working on my cross-stitch right now. I think I’ll make those calf warmers to wear with boots as my knitting project. That seems relatively simple.

10. Compile an image portfolio containing 50 images shot only on my Canon 1V film camera

I’ve only shot 3 rolls of film so far – so sad! At the Farm at the end of the month I’ll be shooting hopefully LOTS of film as many of the girls going are into film too.

I’m not doing poorly against my first 10 goals, but I’m not doing great either. I’d like to work on #2, #6 and #9 this fall/winter. I want more cross-outs!!

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Next up, ten more 30 Before 30 goals!

11. Finish a cross-stitch project and get it framed. 

12. Take a 10-day social media break (blog & Instagram are exceptions).

13. Spend a weekend in downtown Chicago to walk around and photograph it from my memories and perspective. Then create a 100+ page coffee table book. 

14. Write nothing on my to-do list for just ONE day.

15. Upgrade to a King Size bed upon completion of #3.

16. Write another online photography business workshop/e-course.

17. Get a promotion at my day job.

18. Give the blog a professional makeover.

19. Learn yoga and start every weekday morning with at least 10 minutes.

20. Have a Christmas movie marathon this year with family complete with Christmas treats and fun games.

The final 10 goals will be posted in about a year. Some at that point may already be completed, but I want to leave my options open for new opportunities in those last 6 months!

How’s your list coming along? Whether you turn 30, 40 or even an age in between, setting goals is so fun as a way to count up to your birthday!

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