Social Media Spiral & a Short Term Goal

Social media connectivity has taken its toll on my life in the last few months. I feel more than ever consumed by it. I can’t sit through a commercial break unless I have my phone in my hands, even if Husband is just fast forwarding through DVR. Sometimes I end up in a spiral of Instagram-Email-Facebook-Facebook-whoops already went to Facebook-Instagram. It’s painful.

Needless to say, I’m a bit disappointed in myself. What in the world is wrong with me that I can’t enjoy the moment I’m in without checking my phone?! I’m so lame!

I know I’m not the only one with this “situation.” The digital age has its perks, but the relentless spiral of social media is getting obnoxious.

20130920 Social Media Spiral 001

Nobody explains this better than Portlandia’s Fred & Carrie {watch the video, then you’ll know why the old school photo}…

So what am I gonna do about it?

I’ll delete all social media apps from my iPhone as of 9am today (Instagram doesn’t count due to project 365). I’ll stay off the computer from 7pm this evening, 12pm tomorrow, and 10am Sunday.

I will enjoy EVERY moment off social media and the computer doing fun fall things this weekend and spending time with my loved ones, including my college roommate, Diana, who’s in town on Sunday from LONDON!!

Tonight we’re seeing “The Family” with my parents at 7:30pm, tomorrow afternoon is open for some fun fall activities with Katie Bug on her last weekend as our only fur child, and Sunday is Diana all day!

Life is good, and made better by living in the moment.

Join me in a social media break weekend?!!


P.S. Starting first thing Monday morning, join us for PUPPY WEEK!! Monday through Friday we’ll have a morning puppy/dog-themed post and every afternoon a video of baby Katie Bug in celebration of Trudy’s homecoming on Saturday, 9/28! Keep up with the pick-up festivities on 9/28 with the hashtag #TrudyToChicago. xo

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