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It’s officially Fall – my favorite season. I set many of my yearly resolutions this month as I’m more likely to stick to them this time of year.

So, health & fitness. It’s been awhile since I did anything about these two subjects.

– I drink too much wine.

– I eat too many sweets.

– I don’t take my vitamins anymore.

– I’ve forgotten my spin bike settings.

It’s time I get back into taking care of my health. I’ve done it before, and I’ll do it again. I’m not overweight, but an extra pound or two and I will be. That’s enough!

Here’s my plan for this upcoming week, starting today. I hope that by publicizing my plan AND linking up with #NOtivation I’ll have the motivation to stick with every goal!

– Take my daily vitamins.

– Complete 3-day juice fast (Friday-Sunday).

– Drink more H2O.

– Attend at least one evening spin class.

– Try two new online Yoga classes (with the subscription purchased and unused to date).

I think that’s enough of a plan for now. Once I complete the 3-day juice fast on Sunday, I’ll create a better healthy eating plan and add more gym time.

To date, I’ve been such a work-a-holic that I feel I’ll return from the gym unmotivated to continue knocking down my to-do list. However, I’m 100% certain that’s untrue. Why do I continue to tell myself that?

About seven years ago the summer before my senior year of college (and for about two years thereafter) I was at my healthiest weight ever. I also had a very fast metabolism, but nonetheless, I improved my body the “right” way – eating healthy, working out, and staying active all day. In fact, I had gained 6 pounds from where I began yet lost inches and body fat % while I built up muscle.

Exactly seven years ago this fall, here I am at my sister’s Iowa Hawkeye game. Gotta love Steph’s shirt and her flip cell phone hanging out of her pocket! Ha!

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I don’t believe in looking at photos of when you’re at your least healthy because we can all make excuses for the weight and how we look at the time. I ALWAYS look at photos of when I’m at my fittest – where I want to be again! I know not everyone has photos of when they were at their healthiest in the past, so take a photo of you today if today is your most fit!

I’ll give myself 21 days to turn this awful health & fitness frown upside down. “They” say 21 days is how long it takes to establish new habits.

In 3 weeks I’ll have nothing but great new healthy habits to report. Stay tuned!

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