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I’ve learned over the last seven months of blogging that the best part is connecting with and getting to know others with the same interests.

About three months ago I found Kaitlyn of Wifessionals. I think it was the name of her blog that made her stick in my mind for so many months (super unique and obvious what she writes about, right?!). I noticed that she had a link to her Cara Box Exchange. I read about it during that first visit, but didn’t feel I had enough time to commit to participating until the sign ups came around again for July’s exchange.

I am super thrilled that I jumped right in and have already signed up for August. Have you??

I got to send a box to Elizabeth of Army Ever After. She received her box yesterday all the way out in the great island state of Hawaii. Let’s just say that if I could have fit in the box, I’d have jumped right in! She is the sweetest girl and you should definitely check out her blog.

Laura of A Day in the Life sent ME a box! I was so giddy to see what goodies I would receive this first time around, but I was especially anxious to read her letter. One of the most fantastic prerequisites to participating in the Cara Box Exchange is the inclusion of a supportive message and kind letter. Seriously, so amazing! Laura’s letter didn’t disappoint and I’ve read her sweet words a few times already.

Cara Box Exchange |

Here are the fun items she sent me this week. Thank you so much, Laura, for such a thoughtful nautical-themed box of awesomeness!

First up, an awesome bright yellow water bottle to fill up with any number of boating drinks. If I fill it up with an alcohol-based drink, I’ll pop one of these adorable tropical drink stickers on the front! I may have to recreate these stickers with a real life umbrella drink…like, yesterday.

Then we have ear plugs with cords. While I knew these existed, I never remember to look for them. Laura must have seen a few weekend recaps (here & here) including bright orange ear plugs in my ears at the shooting range. These would be perfect! What Laura doesn’t know is that hubby tends to borderline snore (aka “breathing loudly”) so these may also help at night. Ha!

Cara Box Exchange |

One can never have too much nail polish! That turquoise on the left is perfect maybe even with a french tip using the white. Better get on that combo quick before summer exits the arena – I think I have all of my manicure essentials stuff ready to go!

The nail decals are pretty rad too – I’ve never seen them before now. They’re Navy blue, though they look purple (thanks Laura, for the note – hehe!)…but it’s okay either way, purple’s my FAVORITE color!

Cara Box Exchange |

I bought three comfy headbands in Colorado last week, so I love that I get to add a pretty one to the collection now too! I love headbands with the design on the side and this is the first one I can call my own. Thanks, Laura! The beautiful bracelet is already on my wrist and the color makes my poorly tanned skin look tan. SCORE!

I just ran out of my must-have lotion in my purse so the Nivea creme (blue cannister) is the perfect size and product to jump into its place. Tell me who can resist Vanilla & Macadamia Kiss lip butter? Booking my flight to Hawaii now (see ya soon, Elizabeth!)

Cara Box Exchange |

Last, but certainly not least, Laura included MORE inspiration in my box by way of these cute printable cards. I have a little magnetic board near my desk that these are now posted on for daily reminders. Absolutely great addition to an already awesome Cara Box!

Cara Box Exchange |

Cara Box Exchange |

I am just so happy to have had this opportunity to meet Laura & Elizabeth through the Cara Box Exchange. If you’re a blogger (or even someone who just wants to participate in the non-blogger group), jump right in! It’s a great chance to meet new people, pay goodness forward, and support one another. Thanks for creating and organizing such a wonderful event, Kaitlyn!

Until next month!

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