Photography Equipment – What’s in my Bag?

I’d love to start off the Kate & Trudy “Photography & Design” posts with a recap of what photography equipment is in my bag.  Each time I post a photo share or tutorial, I will let you know what equipment I used and how I used it.  It’s all about learning, right?!  It took me YEARS (6, to be exact) to gather the items I have listed here.  I bought my first lens (the 24-70) in 2007 with my first entry level Canon XTi (since adopted by my younger sister).  I am itching for the 5d Mark iii but I’m going to try REALLY hard to hold back, as I do love my Mark II.  90% of what I’ve purchased came from B & H Photo Video.  I don’t know what I’d do without their amazing prices, fast shipping, and fabulous customer service.

Camera Bodies

Canon 5D Mark II – LOVE!  My best camera to date.
Canon 7D – Also love!  There are some really neat functions on here and the crop sensor is awesome with the 70-200 lens.

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Canon 70-200 IS f/4LGreat for “paparazzi” shooting and best on my 7D!
Canon 100mm IS f/2.8LOn my camera 50% of the time.
Canon 24-70 f/2.8LGreat street and portrait lens.  I don’t often use it for portraits as I prefer the 100 & 35, but I never regret using it when I do.
Canon 35mm f/1.4LOn my camera the other 50% of the time!

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Lighting & Accessories

Speedlight – one of my goals is to learn this better in 2013.  It’s a great tool and I’ve had it since the beginning.
Remote TriggersSo helpful for off camera flash usage!
ExpodiscGreat for white balance setting in camera, but I don’t use it quite as often as I should.
Sekonic Light Meter – Super helpful for setting the exposure quickly.  Since using this, I’ve gotten better SOOC (straight-out-of-camera) images resulting in far less post-processing.
ReflectorGreat for filling in shadows or reflecting sun onto backlit subjects.  I need to get the hang of it more!

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iPhone – I’m attached.  Instagram, my favorite photography forums, etc!
iPadI mostly use this for ordering sessions, but it’s really good for on the go note taking, etc.

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Tripod – I don’t use my tripod often, but when I do, I get some kick butt landscape / night shots!

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Kelly Moore Classicthis is the bag I take on sessions.  It holds everything I need!
Epiphanie LyricI just got this for Christmas and loooove it!  It is essentially my every day purse/camera bag.  Now I can take my camera everywhere!

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I do have a few other miscellaneous items…but the pieces I use most often are listed above and I love every single one!  My favorite combination is my 5D with the 100mm lens in natural lighting.
What’s in your bag?
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