Welcome to Kate & Trudy!

Happy New Year!!  I am beyond thrilled to launch Kate & Trudy today, as my first action of 2013!  For readers who know me personally, you might be wondering why, exactly, I’ve chosen to add yet another “project” onto my plate.  To all of my friends & family, and to new friends forthcoming, this is NOT just another “project”!  Kate & Trudy is anything but.  K&T, as I will often use in shorthand, is an outlet to write about and share everything that I love.  You’ll find 5 main topics highlighted throughout K&T, all of which coincide with my 5 greatest passions:

 Marriage & Family

You’ll hear stories about my sweet husband, miniature dachshund(s), travel adventures, date ideas, and when the time comes, pregnancy and baby!

Crafts & DIY

I love to scrapbook, paint, knit, sew, and decorate, so whatever projects I’m able to create will find their way to K&T!

Photography & Design

I have my own photography business where I specialize in maternity, newborn, child & family photography, but I also love taking photos for ME.  You’ll find personal projects and many ways to learn more about your own camera!  I’ve also recently found quite a love for my Adobe Illustrator program and might be playing around a little with some digital designs to share here.

Organization & Time Management

Oh boy…this is probably the most key topic here!  I will teach you all that I know and plan to learn.  I’m kind of obsessed with organization and have ALWAYS been!  You will find many, many lists here with ways to simplify the everyday.

Cooking & Recipes

I’m actually more of a baker, so there will be lots of goodies featured.  However, my husband is a stellar cook so I’ll be enticing him with my baked goods to submit a few recipes to K&T!  My mother is a wine blogger as well, so she will be contributing her vast knowledge here as well for all you winos!

Introduction | kateandtrudy.comAs a final part of my welcome, I’d like to introduce you to Kate, of Kate & Trudy.  Her little sister Trudy will be adopted at some point this year (hopefully) and I am so excited to feature her homecoming on her very own blog!  For all readers who are dog owners, and especially those who are dachshund slaves, you will understand our complete adoration for our babies.

I am so glad you’ve accepted the invitation to visit or fatefully stumbled across Kate & Trudy.  There are many ways to stay in touch!  We have Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and RSS Feed – oh my!  Please pick one or all – I can’t wait to have you back!

xoxo, Jessica, Mr. K&T (henceforth known as, “Husband”) and Kate

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