Six whole months with our baby girl and they’ve been the best of my life! The first 3 months were a little rough around the edges but the latest 3 months have more than made up for the initial challenges. I’m loving this motherhood thing (most days) and feel so incredibly blessed to have little Dagny in our life. She is amazing!

2016 06 23_Dagny 6 Months_blog

Age: Six Months

Weight: 15 pounds 8 ounces – gaining about a pound per month at this point.

Height: 25.5 inches

Sleep: Through the night! She’s usually fast asleep by 9pm and awake by 7:30am. She throws the occasional curve-ball and wakes up at midnight or 5am but it’s not frequent and we usually end up just bringing her into our bed in her Dock-a-Tot to avoid a 2nd wake-up. Naps are hit or miss. She usually sleeps great on Saturdays to make up for all the missed daycare naps but then Sunday rolls around and she realizes she doesn’t actually need so much sleep. Ha!

Clothes: 6 month clothes at 6 months and counting. She’s a little below average in height/weight so we’ll probably be in 9 month clothes around 7-7.5 months.

Firsts: She went camping for the first time, which also happened to be all of our first time camping in WA! We had a great time even though the temperature dipped to low-40s overnight. Eek! Dagny stayed warm in my sleeping bag, thank goodness. Nate had his first Father’s Day and we celebrated with the camping trip. We visited the aquarium and Dagny loved all the colors and little fishies. The week of Memorial Day was her first official week off daycare due to being sick. She had a cold that made her spit up A LOT in the morning after nursing so we kept her home all week. She did great and we didn’t have to call Dr. Joey!

Personality: She’s belly laughed a couple times with the dogs and her daddy and loves getting tickled. She seems to really love the outdoors as evidenced by hardly any fussiness while camping. She’s always been that way but it seems like lately she just absolutely loves being outside. She grabs her feet more often now and tries to eat them! She’s super social and smiles at everyone. When she sees her daddy after work she stares at him, smiles, and digs her face into my shoulder while giggling. She is THE BEST.

Must Have: Our hand-me-down baby Mammut down jacket! Literally the day before we went camping for the first time, a friend from my MOPs group gave me the jacket. It kept Dagny super warm when the weather was colder than we expected and we were super grateful for the awesomely warm jacket received at the perfect time.

2016 06 23_Dagny 6 Months with dogs_blog

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Oh, my heart. Five months is such a cool age, guys. Every month just gets better and better. Dagny is becoming such a little flirt – she smiles and coos at just about everyone these days. Little social butterfly, just like her daddy! These are the days, friends. These are the days.

2016 05 23_Dagny 5 Months_blog

Age: Five Months

Weight: 14 pounds 8 ounces

Height: 24.5 inches

Sleep: We made it through the 4-month sleep regression unscathed. She definitely had some rough nights this last month but after the horrible night a few weeks back, we purchased the Dockatot so we could safely co-sleep as needed. This turned out to be the best purchase ever and we got a lot of use out of it the last few weeks! I’m pretty sure the majority of her wakefulness was (and still is) at daycare because she hardly naps. She comes home exhausted, but is always happy when I drop her off and pick her up, so I think she’s just a night and weekend sleeper.

Clothes: Dagny is loving her new 6 month wardrobe. Rompers, shorts, swimsuits, oh my! So much cuteness for summer!

Firsts: Oh, let’s see. She rolled over from front to back at about 4.5 months. She is trying sooooo hard to roll from back to front but hasn’t quite made it all the way. She’s grabbing everything in sight, including her bottle, which she is very close to holding on her own. She loves those milkies no matter where they come from!

Personality: She LOVES her tongue right now and has started playing a lot with her feet. She’s a giggly little girl and still loves the changing table – it can turn her from Fussy McFusserson to Happy Camper in 1 second flat. It doesn’t typically matter who holds or pays attention to her, just as long as someone has the role! She talks a ton and keeps making new sounds every day. The dogs have become her favorite thing to watch at home. Ever since the latest 19 week leap, she’s noticed Kate & Trudy so much more as they slither around the house. It’s so neat to see her pay attention to them and especially see her laugh when they pay attention to her!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without the Dockatot. No way, no how. Best purchase ever! It’s coming with us camping too for our first trip over 4th of July weekend. It keeps Dagny warm, snuggled tight, and has magic baby sleeping dust released throughout the night. Just kidding on that last bit…but it sure feels like it’s true!

2016 05 23_Dagny 5 Months with dogs_blog

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…and here we are again at TWO days before her next monthly milestone with the last update. Go me! It’s really time I prioritize this blog again – I think about it SO OFTEN and miss all the fun I used to have with writing and sharing. Next rainy weekend is blog weekend. For real!

2016 04 23_Dagny 4 Months_blog

Age: Four Months

Weight: 13 pounds 7 ounces

Height: 24 inches

Sleep: She’s still regularly sleeping 10+ hours…around 9 or 9:30pm to 7 or 7:30am. She had the worst night ever at about 3.5 months which I feared was the start of a sleep regression, but I think she was fighting a low grade fever. The next night she ran about 100.4 but then slept it off and woke up normal. She’s been sleeping reasonably OK since with a few nights of 1 to 2 wake ups. We’re just trying to make sure she has really good awake time and decent naps at daycare. There will be lots of outdoor time with the neighbor kids in the coming month with the weather finally turning up!

Clothes: I hit the 6 month clothing racks and Dagny is officially on the cusp of wearing it all. I bought shorts and tank top onesies…and OMG, they are adorable. Did you see on Instagram?!

Diapers: Still in Rumparooz all day and disposable at night. I’ll write more about our experience with cloth diapering soon!

Firsts: Since my sweetie was in daycare most of this month, I’m sure I missed a lot of the small firsts. Some of the big ones include her first cold/fever around 16 weeks, thanks to daycare, I’m sure! We didn’t have to call the pediatrician though. She had her first walk in the Lillebaby carrier – not sure why we didn’t try it earlier, especially during her first trip up Crystal Mountain and the gondola. Too bad Rainier was hiding behind a layer of clouds that day. She had her first experience hanging out in the Bumbo seat AND Jenny Jump Up. She loves them both! She also painted her first little artwork at daycare. I can’t wait to get the memory book they put together!

Personality: She is the best. Does that explain it? Haha! She really is so darn chill most of the time. She naps well at home, not so well at daycare. She loves people-watching and especially being outside in the fresh air. She’s chatty quite a bit as before and every new sound is so fun to hear for the first time. She’s just a really easy going babe and we love her to pieces!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without Burt’s Bees bibs. She started spitting up nearly every single morning after nursing – especially when placed in her car seat. We started using the bibs to catch it all! These bibs are amazing and we super love them!

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Of course, Dagny is 3 days shy of 4 months old and I’m just now posting her 3 month update. Points for doing it at all before the next one? I say yes!

There were so many big, fun events during her third month. She finally decided to take her bottles on daycare day 1 after lots of training attempts, so that previous challenge is no longer, thank goodness. Every week and every month seems to get better and more fun than the last!

2016 03 23_Dagny 3 Months_blog

Age: Three Months

Weight: 13 pounds (approximately)

Height: 23 inches (approximately)

Sleep: Longest stretch of sleep was 10.5 hours during our visit to Grand Rapids, MI when she was 10.5 weeks old. I could NOT believe it when it happened, but then it kept happening!

Clothes: She’s still comfortable in 0-3 months clothes and they’ll be on her for at least another two weeks. She’s growing longer than she is wider so I think we’ll always be replacing those footy PJs, long sleeves, and leggings first!

Diapers: She’s loving the Rumparooz all day and we decided to switch her to a disposable at night for the longer sleep stretch. Her little legs are still pretty tiny so I didn’t want to squish another soaker into the cloth diapers yet. She also wore disposables all through our trip to MI/IL and we learned that little girl HATES to be wet in those, but does fine at night. Weird, but it works.

Firsts: So many big milestones! First flight where she rode first class in style because mama and daddy had enough airline miles. First time meeting her great-grandparents and her Aunt Katie and Uncles Matt and David! First (and only) baptism in Michigan where she wore the family christening gown. First day at daycare – longest she’d been away from me to date.  First time sleeping in her crib at night (right about 3 months)!

Personality: She is still so calm and sweet. She started to chat and coo so much and we just ate it all up! She’s become so much more alert and aware of her surroundings and wants to be part of the action most of the time. She’s still loving our image in the mirror when we walk by and watching the dogs run around. Her transition to daycare with basically zero issues leads me to believe she’s pretty darn adaptive too. Nobody cried, including me!

Must Have: We couldn’t live without our Avent Classic 4 oz. Bottles in Pink this month because they’re the bottle she ended up taking regularly! We tried many and eventually found this bottle worked best after using the Medela Calma bottle to “train” her to understand what a bottle does in the first place.

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Am I really two weeks away from returning to work? For real?!

These last 10 weeks went WAY too fast for my liking and if you ask my husband, he’ll tell you I’m not about to get over that fact any time soon. The tears have fallen on more than one occasion for reasons that often contradict each other.

I have loved the chance to spend this precious time with my baby, but it’s not nearly enough. I didn’t take enough pictures. I didn’t stay caught up to her baby album or even hang the bookshelves in her nursery. Sleep and snuggles always came first. I’m not the mother I thought I’d be at this point…and now she has to spend so much of her day away starting in two weeks. Ugh. I already miss her and she’s not even there yet!

Right now she won’t consistently take a bottle of breast milk. I’m pretty sure we’ve got a case of bottle-nipple confusion vs. rejection of the bottle altogether, so I’m hopeful that we can get this resolved in time for daycare.

We’re trying 4 different bottles at the moment and a 5th is on its way from Amazon. She’s taken all 4 bottles at least once for at least an ounce but for whatever reason she’s not consistent about it. Yesterday, I tried the Playtex Nurser and while she was happy as can be while trying it out, she wouldn’t suck! Later in the day, I tried the Philips Avent Classic+ and she didn’t take it at first, but then later she took it with no problem at all. We’re so confused!

I’m hopeful she’ll take a bottle at daycare when she needs to, but we’ll be in mega training mode next week during our visit to see both of our families in the Midwest! I have a backup plan that isn’t too detrimental to my time if she doesn’t take the bottle at daycare. That said, I know this is just a small blip in our nursing relationship and Dagny will only need me like this for so long.

How can anyone resist a face such as hers when she’s trying so hard to understand why I’m handing her a toy filled with milk!

2016 03 01 Dagny Bottle Training


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